The Tink Files

“Only a person who is congenitally self-centered has the effrontery and the stamina to write essays.” – E.B. White

Years after one of the main characters in Broken for You christened another character Tink, I learned about a new meaning for that word: spelled backwards, tink = knit. In this context, tink is a verb describing the controlled, methodical act of undoing a knitted piece of fabric.

To “tink” something requires skill and experience. It’s definitely a contrast to the more savage act of “ripping out,” which is how beginning knitters typically deal with mistakes. (If you’re a knitter, you know exactly what I mean.)

I like the idea of making this a place to carefully, in a civilized manner, undo and re-examine thoughts.

“Essays” spelled backwards = syasse. Sigh-ass. Not exactly an appealing moniker. “Reflections” sounds like something you’d find in Guidepost Magazine, a publication that I received from my Grandma Buffy for many years, and for which I am completely unqualified to write. Trying to spell “Ruminations” backwards is frankly too much of a chore to contemplate.

So, welcome to The Tink Files.