Seattle-Headshots-2editSmall“How often I have tried to tell writing students that the first thing a writer must do is love the reader and wish the reader well. The writer must trust the reader to be at least as intelligent as he is. Only in such well wishing and trust, only when the writer feels he is writing a letter to a good friend, only then will the magic happen.” – from Falling Through Space by Ellen Gilchrist

Welcome. And thanks for coming.

Writers at their best are in dialogue with their readers; without the imagination, art, attention, and heart that readers bring to books, our characters would languish, our stories would never be heard.

I do think about you. I do wish you well. And in these pages I’ll try my best to write as though we’re sitting across from each other, engaged in a lively chat over cups of tea, glasses of wine, or double-tall-two-pump-sugar-free-hazelnut-almond milk lattes.

Again, thank you for coming, and for your willingness to be part of the conversation. Stay as long as you like. Come back often. The door is always open.

What’s New

Language Arts is being made into a feature film! The marvelous team of Corrie Duryee and Larry Estes (Kairos Productions) have wrapped filming and are now in post-production. For updates about the project, please visit Corrie’s blog at Corrie Ponders. The film features Ashley Zukerman, Sarah Shahi, and Pamela Reed.

This article and interview with Marilyn Dahl appeared in the “Maximum Shelf” edition of Shelf Awareness on 21 May 2015: The Quality of Attention

For readers of Broken for You who are interested in learning more about the process of making mosaics – particularly as part of a memorial and/or grieving process – I highly recommend Seattle Mosaic Arts. Their website address is:

Watch interview with Stephanie Kallos.

Sobering statistics: For every $100 spent at an independently owned store, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenses. For $100 spent at a chain, $43 stays here. Shop Locally!

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